SEAC Energy 2 mm

SEAC Energy 2 mm

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    7-14 Εργάσιμες Ημέρες

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Εάν δεν γνωριζετε το μέγεθός σας, τότε μετρήστε με μία μεζούρα τη περιφέρεια του στήθους, της μέσης και των γοφών, όπως επίσης το ύψος και το βάρος σας, και γράψτε το στις παρατηρήσεις.

We present you the new diving suit and swimming in open water ENERGY, 2MM thick. It has an anatomical cut under the arms facilitating freedom of movement when swimming.

It is made of soft neoprene leather on the outside glued and sewn to prevent water from entering. On the inside it is completely lined in ultra elastic fabric. It has a highly elastic and smooth round neck with velcro and badge zip.

It is designed for high performance athletes. It has shiny reflective details on the arms and legs to ensure greater visibility in the water.

Men´s wetsuit for freediving and swimming in open water. Smooth-skin neoprene on the outside, 2.0-mm thick, glued and stitched to prevent water seepage, and lined with ultra-elastic nylon.The color and innovative design ensure visibility on the surface when swimming in open water.This preformed suit boasts an body-hugging cut with no stitching under the arms, guaranteeing comfort during your swim.Superelastic Smooth Skin collar and closure in a special injection hook Velcro that won´t damage the suit.Features:- Superelastic Smooth Skin neoprene.- Suit glued and stitched for better watertightness.- The innovative design is conceived to give you maximum visibility on the surface.

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