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Innovations & Features

✔ NASA-developed Aerogel insulation

✔ Lightweight design - only 1.3 pounds / 0.59 kg.

✔ Keeps your feet warm down to -77° F / -25°C

✔ UTURN® Swedish smart-lace system

✔ Dryhunt® air-permeable nano-membrane

✔ Waterproof design keeps your feet dry in water up to 5 inches (12 cm) deep

✔ Reinforced heel and toe protection

✔ Flexible, double-sided protection

✔ Protecting joints with flexible construction

✔ H-Flex® cushioned, heel-stabilizing insole

✔ Shock-absorbing EVA midsole

✔ Anti-slip, mud-resistant rubber outsole

✔ Ventilated, memory-foam collar

✔  Water-repellent outer shell made from premium Italian leather

and more... 

The industry standard for waterproof protection is 1.6 inches. Hillman destroys that standard by providing a boot that stays waterproof when you step into water 5 inches deep! That’s over 3X the depth, so you can move through muddy terrain, marshes, or even along riverbanks and never get your feet wet. Hillman boots are also pressure-tested underwater, so you can be sure that you’ll stay dry in powerful, rushing water.

The Dryhunt® nanoporous hydrophobic membrane is a mouthful, but here’s what it means:

This innovative membrane repels moisture ANDprovides comfortable airflow so your feet can breathe. Other waterproof fabrics make your feet sweat and heat up quickly, but Dryhunt® gives you the best of both worlds – dry, comfortable feet in any weather.

Dryhunt VS World Leading Brand membrane

The nanoporous hydrophobic membrane Dryhunt® is exclusively developed by HILLMAN® and represents the latest invention in the membranes engineering.

Its superior air-permeability (breathability) is 500 times higher than the World-leading brand membrane.

On the inside, you get to enjoy comfort with every step thanks to the shock-proof EVA midsole.

The H-Flex heel stabilization system cushions impact and provides superior weight load while reducing the vibration in every step.

Even with all this stability, you still have a flexible design that allows for maximum joint movement to keep you safe and stable while you cover uneven terrain.

On the outside, you have a mud-proof outer-sole that keeps mud and debris from sticking to your boots. There’s nowhere you can’t go!

If you want superior protection from your boots, then you’re going to love the Swedish U-TURN® lacing system. Simply turn the control knob and the web of laces tightens automatically and evenly, giving you consistent force from the top of the boot all the way down to your toes. The force is distributed equally, making it far stronger than traditional laces, and adding stability to your feet while creating the waterproof seal that keeps your feet dry.

You’re going to wish every pair of shoes you own had the U-TURN® lacing system.

Alpha Aerogel Hunting Boots by Hillman are going to change the way you think about outdoor footwear.

With every step, you’ll enjoy superior comfort, exceptional support, and top-of-line protection, all from a design that’s lighter and better-looking than anything else on the market.

You’ll hunt longer, hike farther, and spend more time doing what you love – and the reason you can do all that is the Alpha Aerogel Hunting Boots by Hillman.


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